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To build a sustainable future for mankind & mother earth where development goes hand in hand with conservation & compassion.


To create a responsive synergy in establishing the crucial link between the triple bottom line of economic empowerment, nature & culture conservation and a socially equitable and compassionate development all over globe.


Enabling communities to have access to basic health care. Sponsoring/running/constructing Healthcare facilities like Hospitals, nursing homes, care centers in underprivileged areas.

  • To tap into the abundantly available solar energy to improve quality of life, health and nutrition along with reduce dependence on non-renewable sources of energy and carbon emissions.
  • Education especially for the girl child.
  • To help communities adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • Conservation of natural & cultural heritage, knowledge and practices
  • Sponsoring/running/constructing ORPHANAGES & OLD AGE HOMES
  • Sponsoring/running/constructing Schools in underprivileged areas by providing them financial assistance & other help in kinds.
  • Providing food access & enhanced nutrition to under-privileged children, women. Help eradicate mal-nutrition.
  • To serve the cause of 'Right to Healthy Childhood' through creation of a holistic eco system
  • Creating an enabling environment for compassion to be expressed in the community, and for it to grow.


  • socially and environmentally responsible Foundation
  • Focus on sustainable society for the future generations.
  • make donations to vulnerable groups located in Mauritius and jurisdictions equivalent to Mauritius.


ADIT FOUNDATION is a foundation set up in Mauritius which undertakes various charitable activities in Mauritius & world over.

The needy, underprivileged & many social groups approach ADIT FOUNDATION with their request for funds for charitable causes.

Council members of ADIT FOUNDATION deliberates on the various projects & request & after detailed due diligence below details are finalised:

  1. Project to be sponsored
  2. Amount to be contributed
  3. Duration of project & frequency of contribution
  4. Monitoring & supervision WRT end use of funds.

After effective due diligence as above is done then ADIT F approaches various donors to sponsor the projects.

Currently "ADIT Foundation" has undertaken various charitable activities such as:

  • Sponsoring medical bills of sections of people who are below poverty line.
  • Donating various medical equipment to charitable hospitals.
  • Sponsoring various activities of orphanage & old age homes.
  • Sponsorship for arranging medical camps & free health check ups in rural & underdeveloped areas, regions.


Because of number of CSR initiatives undertaken at ADIT, we felt the need to have a proper CSR policy in place which will ensure proper framework for our CSR initiative

CSR Policy to be put in place for the FOUNDATION to govern the terms of the donation projects.

Council Members after deliberations have designed & approved the approve the CSR Policy

The Financial Services Commission have been informed on the CSR Policy for the Foundation.

Please refer to CSR POLICY.

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